July 18 & 19 – Advanced Domestic Violence


2-Day Advanced Domestic Violence Training:

Comprehensive Clinical Toolkit and a Special Look at Polyvictimization


Workshop Information

Thursday and Friday, July 18 & 19, 2019

Sign In: 8:30am – Workshop: 9:00am-4:00pm

MCEA Conference Center: 12 Taft Ct, Rockville, MD

Tali Sadan Elitzur, LCPC, Vivian Levi, LCPC

12 Maryland & DC Social Work Category 1 CEUs  **See below for credit information**

$320 early registration through May 31
$345 after May 31
$300 Group Registration for groups of 3 or more – Workshop not eligible for other discounts

Lunch Included in registration fee!

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Workshop Overview

What are some of your uncertainties when it comes to working with domestic violence survivors? Are you concerned about developing an effective safety plan? Do you worry about your own safety in some situations? Even the most experienced clinicians can sometimes feel unsure how to approach such fragile topics.

This highly interactive workshop will help you cultivate effective, informed, and up-to-date treatment skills for working with domestic abuse survivors and learn how to recognize the signs of polyvictimization. While exploring the various elements of becoming skilled domestic abuse clinicians, participants will start seeing patterns that they may not have previously recognized. Tali and Vivian will introduce the subtle nuances, behavioral patterns, common pitfalls, and effective treatment techniques that can help you become better equipped to identify and support survivors of abuse, some of whom will not even identify or present as survivors when they come for treatment.

Participants will learn about the various categories of domestic abuse, and the unique needs of the survivor. Tali and Vivian will help participants understand how traumatic experiences shape survivors’ understanding of the world, learn how to navigate triggers, and how to manage the fight, flight or freeze response by helping them create new neuropathways focusing on safety and stability.

This unique workshop will also help participants understand the connection between various types of traumas and will introduce the concept of polyvictimization, the cumulative exposure to multiple types of victimization (i.e., sexual assault, stalking, incest, bullying, harassment, etc.). This is commonly present in survivors of domestic abuse and it complicates treatment. Participants will leave this exciting 2-day workshop with tools, new skills, awareness, referrals and resources, and a deeper understanding of how to support survivors.

Workshop Objectives

1. Learn about domestic abuse definitions and the prevalence of the problem

2. Learn the various methods of abuse used by perpetrators

3. Understand the neurological, emotional, and behavioral implications of abuse

4. Identify the various categories of relationships impacted by abuse

5. Become familiar with the ways that special populations are affected by abuse

6. Learn about the correlation of culture and abuse

7. Learn about the national trends on polyvictimization and complex trauma

8. Attain new clinical skills in assessment, screening, safety planning, referrals, and technology safety

9. Understand the connection between the Stages of Change and Safety Planning

10. Understand the connection between the clinical work and the legal system

11. Learn about abuse in the context of various clinical modalities, treatment options, and understanding of the perpetrator in the context of developing effective safety planning.


Presenter Bios

Tali Sadan Elitzur is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Maryland and, is a domestic violence and sexual assault therapist, and is the Co-Owner of Maryland Counseling and Wellness in Silver Spring, MD. As a survivor of domestic abuse, sexual assault, and stalking, Tali became familiar with the specific mental health issues that survivors struggle with. Tali has worked as a therapist for the following organizations: Montgomery County’s Abused Persons Program, The Women’s Center DC, The Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse, Betty Ann Krahnke Domestic Violence Shelter, and Frederick County’s Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program. Tali founded and is the Executive Director of Aha! Moment, a non-profit that raises awareness about the unique mental health issues faced by survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault, stalking, incest, bullying, and trafficking. She is also: a member of the DC Victim Assistance Network (VAN), former Chair and Spokesperson of the VAN’s Outreach and PR Subcommittee, and a former Commissioner with Montgomery County’s Mental Health Advisory Committee. She was featured as a guest on the podcast series hosted by the American Counseling Association, and the Film Noir Foundation’s Noir Talk podcast.


Vivian Levi is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Maryland, and the former Director of the Betty Ann Krahnke Center where she served for 6 years. She is currently the owner of Vivianlevicounseling, LLC a private practice in Rockville. Her practice focuses on helping trauma survivors and their families recover from abuse and trauma. Vivian has worked primarily providing direct treatment to victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. At the shelter, she has focused on adapting to a trauma-informed care model of service. In her private practice, she sees a variety of clients focusing primarily on adults and couples. Previously, she worked as a supervisor at the Abused Persons Program in Montgomery County for 12 years. Her career started as a Clinical Coordinator at the Family Crisis Center in Prince George’s County where she worked for 10 years. Since 2001 she has trained a variety of law enforcement officers, social workers, and health and human services providers. She attended the American College of Greece as an undergraduate and transferred to the University of Haifa, Israel to earn a combined psychology/sociology degree. She obtained her Masters in Counseling Psychology at Bowie State University with a concentration in Adlerian and Family Counseling. Vivian has served at the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence (MNADV) Board for 7 years and has participated in numerous committees such the Lethality Assessment Program (LAP), Safety Planning, and Standards for Domestic Violence Programs.

Day 1 Agenda


Day 2 Agenda



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